Justin Bieber

You might think that a 23-year-old should have enough left in the tank for just 14 more shows on his Purpose World Tour, stretched over three months. But if he feels as though he wouldn’t be able to bring it night after night, he did the right thing by calling it a day and closing up shop early.

Actually, that was a most mature decision, preferring not to disappoint fans with what could be a lackluster show and opting to refund the money instead. The tour to date has grossed almost $200 million.

Aside from the rigors of touring, which he’s been doing for six out of the last eight years, Bieber’s relationship with fame hasn’t been nearly as simple as maybe it should have been for a fresh-faced kid with obvious talent who managed to make the jump from tween dream to more manly fare without missing a beat.

2014 petition to have him deported notwithstanding, Bieber’s marketability as an artist has never waned and in fact has only been on the rise since he first burst onto the scene in 2009. Yet he hasn’t ascended to such great heights without a fight, his most fearsome opponent usually being himself.

He was detained several times at U.S. airports when flying in from out of the country, due to his numerous brushes with the law, including in February 2014 when the pot smoke emanating from the cabin was reportedly so thick the pilots had to wear oxygen masks.

It appeared the young star had reached peak brat.

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