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Infosci, is a startup in US, it has the dropout, the ex-CIA guy, an experienced startup seller. The main founders are all 75 to 80.

John Kittelberger, 75, is high school drop out. He’s also former owner of a plumbing business in the Washington, D.C. Phil Dean, 80, spent 30 years in CIA handling technical operations and Ellingson, also 75, is a lawyer.

The Infosci founders are working on a security software design, they say would protect against hacks such as the one that breached the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in 2014. The attack exposed the personal information of million Americans, including identifying information such as Social Security numbers and background-check files on people who’d done business with or worked for the government. The hack acted as trusted contractors by using shared secret codes. It happened, because those codes normally don’t change. The attackers were able to pull off the deception for more than a year.

Infosci designed a security software that changes such codes as often as 1,000 times in a second, so that cracking a given code won’t do anyone much good.

According to an interview given to Bloomberg “If we were all 40 years old, we’d be going out, raising a couple million dollars, building a company, taking on RSA,” says John Ellingson, the startup seller, referring to the well-known encryption system. “Since the youngest of us is 75, we have to have a different exit plan.”

The founders said their age helped them get to the front of the line at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

This group wants to get to attract a buyer such as Dell Technologies Inc. or Alphabet Inc., or perhaps a private equity company.

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