Urban Farming

Industrialization and urbanization in a society or a country, and constantly is endowed with new connotations with the development of the economy. Its theory and practice originate from Japan, Europe, the United States and other developed countries, which has been paid more and more attention with the economic globalization advancement by the developing nations that are doing industrialization and urbanization.

This mad rush for concretization has eaten away vast farmlands and agriculture has moved further and further away from the cities. Unless every inch of available space in our city is converted to a green patch, future generations will be not only carving for cleaner air to breathe but even food to eat as population demands increase.

Urban farming initiatives offer city residents the chance to volunteer in a community garden, start growing one’s own food organically on rooftops, window grills, balconies and open city spaces. Plants were grown in recycled items converted to containers or planters like denim, tires, baskets, gumboots, pet bottles etc.

The main aim is to grow organic vegetables on every roof and to convert every building into a living green building, thus generating the largest number of urban carbon credits in the world. An increasing number of households in cities are transforming the much-neglected terraces and rooftops, which were occasionally used for social parties and otherwise storing junk, are now getting converted into greenery and food. People are coming up with innovative ways to use every inch of this space for making their surrounding more worthy

Though there is no estimate for how many people are engaged in such activities but the awareness of conservation of one’s precious resources is steadily increasing the numbers balcony and Organic Terrace Gardening is spreading across the country in metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, Bengaluru or small cities like Nashik and Nagpur, people are forming gardening groups to learn from each other.

The growth of Urban farming in India has led to many Organisations both Non-Profit and Commercial to look into the needs of this sector by offering One Stop Place where people can not only buy all the kitchen gardening essentials but also where they can learn for free. All the queries regarding getting started like terrace waterproofing, load bearing, permaculture design, seed sowing, transplanting and yield multiplying techniques. Regular workshops are held in different cities for educating young & old enthusiasts. Even many Corporates, Hospitality, Education Institutes and other Institutions have initiated their active involvement in urban farming and have inducted as a part of their organizational philosophy.

One such organization iKheti founded by Priyanka Amar Shah a young energetic management graduate in Business Design from the Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai. She started with an aim to enhance the experience of urban farmers by being the one stop shop for customized services and specialized products and promote sustainable urban farming.

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