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California based startup Nutshell WiFi; today announced a revolutionary WiFi Marketing product, Nutshell-Wifi. This is created for all range of business owners, with a powerful mechanism to convert your static WiFi device into a powerful marketing machine. With the help of the tool, they can create and involve more customer audience and expand their customer base much quicker than ever. It is entirely automated so that business owners can easily connect the device, customize their landing page. Every customer that now uses the free WiFi is now a valuable and significant customer. This unique experience creates genuine customer retention and repeats business. This WiFi device allows customers to enjoy quick and easy access to free Internet, while it further provides information to business owners with valuable data of customers with demographics, geographic, the frequency of visits and customer contact information.

Nutshell-WiFi is a powerful tool for small, medium and large business an owner, who spends a bulk amount of money to build their customer base and promoting. This will help them to do it in much lesser cost than what they are paying right now.

Bryan Lewis, CEO of Nutshell says “At Nutshell, we are focused on building communities and helping businesses connect with their customers. We firmly believe in the power of small businesses to feed our local economies, create tight-knit neighborhoods and empower customers to feel at home wherever they may be – whether at their local coffee shop or halfway around the world in their hotel. Ultimately Nutshell is a tool that everyone in the community can benefit from – both customers and business owners.”

Nutshell-WiFi Features

  •  Convert your dumb WiFi device into a powerful marketing device.
  •  Fully branded of your business look and feel, giving you a clean landing page.
  •  Easy-to-use for anyone.
  •  Gather customer information and grow marketing list.
  •  Do analysis on your customer’s visit, interests and interact with them precisely.
  •  Turns your current WiFi into a powerful marketing tool.
  •  Nutshell is an entirely automated platform that saves your time and money
  •  Real-time analytics on your customers
  •  Promote anything you want towards your customers.
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