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Many of the youngsters are switching to other cities for higher education or job. In earlier days people used to search for contacts those who are based in the city where they are moving so that they can help them for accommodation and other necessary things for accommodation. Few had some contacts but few don’t. It is burdensome to find a helping hand in a new city from the day one of your arrivals.

Necessity is the mother of great ideas. If you are planning to move to another city, simple visit boriyabistar website. They are helping people, migrating to Bangalore for either higher studies or work, by offering them a startup bundle of 40+ basic inevitable household items which are delivered within 24 hours through their e-commerce platform.

These include mattresses, linen, pillows, cutlery and plastic ware. Also one can customize the bundle as per one’s need of size, colour, and type of fabric. Apart from individual customers, Boriyabistar has tie-ups with major Colleges in Bangalore. Boriyabistar is also tied up with OYO, Homigo, Your Own home and other PG and home aggregator for B2B.

Started in March 2016 Bangalore based e-commerce startup Boriyabistar is already accepted as a potential startup and recognized by many for their exclusive concept. They already have 3000+ happy customers in the B2C segment and its growing every day.

Co Founders of

We had an exclusive interview with Mr. Rishav Singh, Co-Founder and we are sure that their journey and ideas will give you an inspiration.

How did the name ‘Boriya Bistar’ evolve?

We were looking out for something catchy and searched for different options in many languages, subsequently, the name Boriya Bistar was zeroed in which is certainly catchy and relevant to the work we actually do.

From when did you start

When we came out of our home during college days, we found the same problem. From that time it was in our thought if such things can be provided to the people who are moving out of the home. After college days, we started working in different corporate, but this concept was consistently in our dream. From March 2016 we started our journey from Bangalore.

Who are the people involved in Boriysabistar?

We four Kanak Kundlia, Ashwin Agarwal, Shubham Jain and I were there together from our college days after graduated engineering from PESIT, we were working in various corporates like Accenture, Deloitte and NTT Data. We all are Co-Founders of

What was the Eureka moment for Boriyabistar?

As I said earlier, we all came out of the home during our college days, like us, there were many who faced the same kind of problem to get the basic necessity to stay elsewhere from home. It was indeed difficult to gather all those things when someone is new in the city. Local shop owners can identify that you are new and they ask any amount for small things. We found there is a major gap in the whole process. During that time onwards it was adequately in our mind.

Initially, we experimented with different ideas of what we could think of as a startup but it was difficult. But gradually it got the overall acceptance we started Boriyabistar.

What was stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur?

Funding was a challenge, especially for promotions and advertisements. We commenced our journey as a bootstrapped startup. However we managed to overcome that through our own savings, we have not raised any external funding. We were never thrilled with the stereotype 9 am – 5 pm work and constantly wished to do something unique.

What are the habits which lead to your success?

It is a commitment, focus and eager to achieve. We work almost 14-18 hours in a day. Until and unless we work more towards it, it is difficult for a startup to stand up. Everyone can see the glory, but few can see the pain, dedication behind it.

What makes you unique in competitors market?

We are not having any competition on this as on today. And we deliver it in 24 hrs. We are offering basic inevitable household items bundle at an absolutely reasonable price. We don’t force anyone to buy the package; it is altogether customized as per customer need. Not merely that we work effectively to provide more flexible options to the customers and customers satisfaction.

What is your Business Mantra?

Our success mantra is passionate hard work and commitment, we do not have any working hours and intermittently we work for 18 to 24 hours, no weekends, and no vacations. In fact, none of us have taken a vacation for last six months. We are constantly working to make the life of people migrating to Bangalore easy.

Last but not the least I engage myself a lot in reading to keep up with the constantly with emerging and newer technologies, we need to know and see how these can be implemented in our business. In India startup is at a truly in a nascent stage when compared to other developed countries so there is a lot to do and government support will certainly encourage this entrepreneurship to a great extent.

What is your future plan for Boriyabistar?

We are planning to extend our operation in Mumbai, Pune by the first half of 2018. Further, we are planning to have our own Mattress manufacturing unit shortly so that we can provide much better packages to our customers.

What is your business model?

We are operating both in B2B and B2C model, where an individual can choose the package as per their requirement. All of our packages are complete as you require. All of our product are new and quality product and from recognized brands and having exclusive tie-ups with them.

In B2B we are tied up with PG and home aggregator like OYO, Homigo where when a person is moving he get a readymade furnished home.

Did you receive any funding from any Venture Capital?

We are approached by few, but it did not work out correctly. We may look into it in future. But we are aggressively looking for angel funding for the extension.

In 2014-16 we have noticed many promising startups came up? Do you think in 2017 we are noticing a dip in promising startups?

In 14-16 we saw some promising startups, but due to some economic slowdown, there was a dip in upcoming startups. For any startups, the fund is the major issue. But from last few months, there are many startups gradually coming up. I am sure we can see some promising startups promptly. 

What do you think about the startups in India and other countries?

We are in a nascent stage currently. We are lacking in technology startups. There should be more technology startups coming up with their unique approach. If you look at the number of startups coming in US and Europe, we are significantly behind them in terms of the tech startup. Government plays a crucial role here. Even though it is just been brought in, they need to allocate higher funds for the startups.

What message would you like to share for the new entrepreneur?

I will say, read as much as possible. Technology is changing every day; keep you updated with the new one. If you are an engineer it does not matter if you are not updated with the new technology and eager to implement the new one.


Boriyabistar is the blessing for those who are moving out of the home and going to other cities for education or work purpose.

Please do engage with boriyabistar if you are changing your city or refer to anyone. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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