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To do something for society, you don’t need to be in the limelight or need camera flashing in front of you. But it is all our moral duty to encourage those people who do their work silently without any limelight. Today we would like to highlight a story about such social work group who are doing amazing work without being covered by any media. We will not say they are an NGO, but willing to do something do you actually need to be an NGO? Maybe or maybe not? You can give your view. Ekk Pahel’s general objective is to create a reform in society by supporting physically, economically, mentally and financially.

Ekk Pahel, is a group of 170+ enthusiastic students not more than 19-21, who believes that “Badlao Ke Liye, Badalna Jaruri” (To change happen, you need to be changed). Most of us repeatedly say that things have to be changed, but do we change our self first to make the change? It’s extremely rare. But Ekk Pahel members changed them first to change the society.

“If we students can come forward and do it for the society, I think people who are working also should come forward and do something for the society. They can do better than us. It’s not mandatory that you do it for Ekk Pahel or any NGO, you can do it for anyone who is in need” – says, Ayush Agrawal, 20 Founder of Ekk Pahel

Ayush Agrawal, Founder of Ekk Pahel
Ayush Agrawal, Founder of Ekk Pahel

We talked with Ayush. Hailed from a city like Forbesganj, Bihar Ayush is no doubt having a great quality to lead. While chatting with him we noticed that he is thoroughly confident in his points of view, perceives and concept about Ekk Pahel.

From when did you start Ekk Pahel?

I used to do blogging on many social issues. In one of my blog in Oct 2015 about the soldiers of our country and their devotion and sacrifice, I received an enormous response and many people started helping. In an appeal to do for their family, within 4 days of time I collected around Rs. 35,000/- of contribution. But unfortunately, we had to return to the contributors because they did not allow meeting their families. People’s encouragement motivated me to start Ekk Pahel. We started Ekk Pahel from Apr 2016 onwards and till now we are having 170+ of enthusiastic members, present in 9 States and 10 Cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Dhanbad, Patna, Forbesganj, Chandigarh, and Greater Noida.

How many events you did for Ekk Pahel?

We started it from Apr 2016 and till now we did almost 21+ events in various sectors and cities.

What was your first event?

Our first event was in July 2016 in Kolkata along with Hope Foundation. Ashirwad’s Boy’s Home (an Orphanage). There we organised metal ability test, drawing competition and motivational speech among the kids. Distributed snacks. Further, there were many students who wanted to know more about the career path to choose. We guided them subsequently.

What is Ekk Pahel’s current project?

We are working on Swachh Bharat now. In the practical world, we believe that it is not possible for everyone to go to the street and clean every day. This may be good for public awareness but we need to look at the people who keep our city clean. Every day they are doing their job by cleaning the unwanted things but they never get recognized by people. Most of us don’t like to speak or motivate them for their work. If anyone is doing any work year after year, everyone needs a motivation to continue it. So, we did “Samman Samaroha” in this Diwali, 2017 in Forbesgaunj. There we honored 300+ workers who are cleaning the city every day. Not only that, we also tried to break the social barriers by having food with them and speak with them.

It’s not that we go and clean the place which is already cleaned. We clean the place which is actually required a cleaning. We are also planning to do it in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi very soon.


Ekk Pahel
Ekk Pahel

How do you generate funds for the Ekk Pahel?

We save our pocket money every month and contribute towards the events. Sometimes people also help us. Like the recent event in Forbesganj, their many people came forward to generate fund. Those who could not give anything they contributed as a volunteer.

There are many NGOs who are working on many social issues, how Ekk Pahel is different from them?

Maximum of our members are students between 19-21 with the great creative mind. We all are enthusiastic and having an eager to do for the society. I started along with 2 friends Aniket Vishal and Abhishek Ranjan and we are growing in good numbers gradually. We are not political. We are not having any political party leader with us. This is a completely independent group which is run by the group members only. We don’t believe in publicizing. People know about Ekk Pahel from its work only.

Ekk Pahel
Ekk Pahel

Do you have any plan where youngsters can choose Ekk Pahel as a career option?

Currently, we are not an NGO. Ekk Pahel is running it as a group. We are having the plan for welcoming people who want to choose it as a career but maybe after we are registered as NGO. But those who are concerned to take this challenges in life, they can join with us and learn the constructive things from ground zero. I would like to invite people, who are having an idea to reform the society in line with our objectives, can join us.

Ekk Pahel, proved that anyone can do something for the society without publicizing in media. If you would like to join Ekk Pahel, please visit their website (http://ekkpahel.com). We are sure you will love to work with them, as the work actually happens.

Email: contact@ekkpahel.com

Also, follow them on social networks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1pahel/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ekk_pahel

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  1. Initiative taken up by Ekk Pahel for Swachh Bharat is really commendable . Such kind of work will make our country clean for sure .

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