The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) will set up the main coasting business sector of the state in southern edges of the city to restore sellers uprooted amid augmenting of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or the EM Bypass.

The market, which will be set up on a water body close Patuli at a cost of almost Rs. 9 crore, will have 114 pontoons with slows down offering vegetables, organic products, angle, meat, oats, rice, eatable oils and tea. As indicated by a KMDA official, the market will be open for 24 hours.

There are numerous vendors who have been dislodged due to the extending system of the EM Bypass taken up at Patuli range close Garia. The basic thought is to restore the individuals who were having their business at the Baishnabghata-Patuli advertise on the EM Bypass to the coasting market..

The choice to move the market on the EM Bypass was taken by the KMDA three years back with the goal that the part of the street could be broadened. Such markets gliding on the Dal Lake of Srinagar and elsewhere in Bangkok and in Singapore.

Of the 114 pontoons, the KMDA has just purchased 32 and the rest of the vessels will land by this month end. Each watercraft measuring more than 10 ft long will be uniquely planned and splendidly painted, like those in Pattaya’s coasting markets, with the limit and space for two slows down.

The KMDA, which is intending to have a foot over bridge over the EM Bypass to the market, has made manicured yards and gardens on the banks of the water body where basic need shops and also Sulabh toilets would be arranged.


More than 200 vendors would be restored in the market, the officer said.  The idea cropped up during a visit to Thailand and seeing such coasting markets there.  The market won’t resemble those in Thailand and Indonesia, This will like the common markets . The main contrast will be that the shops will be on coasting vessels. The   market will be an added attraction for the sightseers to the city. After successful roll out such markets can come up in different places in the state.

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