Marriage season is coming, so why not to talk about some cool wedding planners?

Marriage is a lifetime event for all, and everyone wants to make sure that it is accurately executed within the budget. In earlier days, relatives, friends used to have a lot of time and can get involved in the preparation for a long time. But the situation is different now. Relatives live in different corners of the country/ world currently and most of them are tied up with their hectic lifestyle.

We all love to have a big, fat wedding, but don’t know how to execute it. For a minor mistake, it is different drama all collectively for many relatives. Planning, Arrangement, and Execution of the wedding, within budget and get the finest things without any hitches is a thoughtful concern for many of the families.

Whom to approach and who can make it for me in an efficient, expert manner with total ownership as my family? If I call for a wedding planning, will they understand my communities’ rituals? What if I don’t get the value for money? Will my relatives or groom’s family will be comfortable with them?

Today, we will talk about such a wedding planning group, who not only involve themselves with your family. They are completely aware of your community weddings rituals and follow them closely. They take the “TOTAL OWNERSHIP” of your lifetime event being your “PAID RELATIVE”

Team members of Occassion's
Team members of Occassion’s

Occasions Wedding Planner” is a team of experienced management people who did many successful weddings for almost a decade now.

“Marriage planning, arrangements, and execution is always a nightmare for the families currently. The specialties of ours are, we don’t force anyone to go to our vendors only. We do the complete management of the wedding as a family member only.” – says, Mr. Rahul Bodhankar, Founder Director of Bodhankar Events LLP.

We had an interview with Mr. Rahul, to understand how they operate and he also shared some of his ground reality experiences. Not only that, he is having his research paper on NRI wedding also.

Mr Rahul Bodhankar
Mr Rahul Bodhankar, Founder & Director of Bodhankar Events LLP.

Can you please tell me about Occasions Wedding Planning?

Occasions Wedding Planning is a brand under Bodhankar Events LLP. We engage mainly in two different segments in the wedding. We are specialized in Destination Wedding and NRI Wedding.  We are having socialized and trained people on board for particular communities. Who has adequate knowledge of all the rituals and culture of that particular community be it Marwadi, Jain, Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujrati, Bramhin, Maharashtrian etc.

Once the customer is engaged with us. We deploy one Relationship Manager who belongs to the particular community and has experience of at least three numbers of wedding management for that specific community.  Under him/ her there are 10-12 managers who take care of various verticals like accommodation, transport, and logistics, catering, decoration etc. Even though we assume that marriage arrangements are easy, but in our experience, effectively there are at least 80 vendors are involved in any marriage. When it comes to an execution it is a painful, until and unless it is organized by professionals. Our primary focus is always that, a customer should have the value for money on whatever they are spending.

In our experience, we have seen that Destination Wedding is much more affordable than city wedding. We can arrange the marriage in an exotic destination as per both the families’ choice. Once they are back from the wedding, they can give a join reception.

In NRI Wedding, we reduce the multiple traveling costs for them. We do provide all the videos of the samples of the marriage location, then accommodation details with choices. We also get engage with them via Skype or WhatsApp video to so that face to face communication can happen and it helps both of us to understand each other. NRI people can save their multiple trips to India and reduce the dependency on the relatives.

From when did you start “Occasions Wedding Planning”?

We started Occasions Wedding from March 2008 and soon we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2018.

What was the Eureka moment for Occasions Wedding?

I completed my education at India Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad. After that I had my own restaurant, also I used to provide the caterer services. We had noticed that bride’s father was puzzled sometimes because; he is not getting the correct vendor for the execution. I had noticed the serious gap at that time and wanted to give a proper solution for this gap.

It’s not that just because I completed my degree in a reputed institute like IIHM I started doing Wedding Planner. Before starting, I did a Management in Event Management, so that it can be delivered in a professional and systematic manner and not any “Jugaar” kind.

There are many Wedding Planners in India, how Occasions is different from them?

We are the only Wedding Planner in India, who doesn’t take any kind of commission from any vendor. If we can save thousand rupees for a customer we do it for them. We not only, claim it we deliver it.

We only work in a management and consultancy fees. We are not having geography boundary, we can arrange a wedding in USA, Dubai or any other countries as per customer’s choice.

Apart from that, we encourage people to go for Green Wedding.

What are the challenges did you faced, when you started Occasions?

I myself is a Maharashtrian, so when we used to approach some other community people, they used feel whether we can do it or not. We are the management people, now for managing things; it has some flows and checklists.

We did our first wedding planning for a Marwadi community.

What is your future plan?

We are developing our own fleet management software, where people can get reminders for Flight Departure and arrival and other notifications. Since the different community has a different way of arrangement, so it is taking some time. But we will be ready by 2018.

We are also focusing on NRI Weddings. City weddings can have their friends and relatives but they actually need our services to execute in an accurate manner.

What is your business mantra?

We make the things happen (He smiled)

Do you want to share any message new entrepreneurs?

Focus on your work than money. Money is the by-product. Focus on customer’s satisfaction more.

We spoke with few of their customers as well and appraise them extremely high, Occasions Wedding Planning, is not only a just a wedding organizing company, they are a perfect representation of Band Baaja Baaraat’s charisma.


Call: +919422209890

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One thought on “Marriages are made in Heaven, but Occasions Wedding Planner make it happen on the earth”

  1. It was a great experience hiring team Occassions. We did two events with the team . It really gives relief and we could really enjoy our events as team planned the events very nicely considering small things as well .
    We did my son’s thread ceremony , Munj
    and our house warming ceremony.
    Team managed both the events in a traditional way with modern Comfort and touch
    Thanks to Rahul Bodhankar and team Occassions .

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