Life and Death are the most essential and unchangeable reality for every human being. But in today’s high paced lifestyle there is nothing more important than the work. The loss of a relationship is soon faded away with the passing of time and as one generation pass their baton to the next generation, history, memories, and relations slowly get distorted in the haze.

Few take the pain to spare time to share stories and information about their ancestors with children or grandchildren and the family tree slowly shrinks with very old informative lost branches falling off.

There is definitely a never before a required need to create a repository where all of this information is stored and available for future generations to know their family story after all this is the story the finally leads to them today.

This was the thought behind the formation of the start-up; where “Shradhanjali”, which means paying a tribute to the departed soul. is India’s 1st tribute portal which helps us relive the lives of our ancestors and departed loved ones. Here one can upload, store, publish and share biography, family tree, videos, photos, people can post condolence messages and also receive death and birth anniversary reminders.

We spoke to Mr.Vivek Vyas Co-founder of

Mr.Vivek Vyas & Mr.Vimal Popat, Co-Founders
Mr.Vivek Vyas & Mr.Vimal Popat, Co-Founders

What is all about?

On one can upload, store, publish and share biography, family tree, videos, photos, post condolence messages and also receive death and birth anniversary reminders. Truth is that we have so much data and knowledge about political leaders or celebrities but we hardly know anything about our ancestors. We wish to give internet the data about your ancestors which can be archived later and will be available to the future generations.  Due to the advantage of a digital platform, we can provide more content at reasonable prices.

We provide digital memorable services.

How did you come across such a unique concept?

Accidentally, one day my friend and I were having snacks which were served in a newspaper, and the piece of newspaper was full of obituaries. We were extremely upset and we thought we must do something. The respect and decorum of our ancestors must be maintained. We didn’t find a single platform dedicated to honoring the memories of departed loved ones, hence we decided to go ahead and provide one ourselves.

When did you start this entrepreneurship?

We started working on the portal in 2011 and we launched it in mid-2012.

How many people are involved in the business?

Mr.Vimal Popat and I both are Co-founders of

What are the challenges you faced when you started?

Actually, we didn’t face many difficulties. The only thing we had the problem with was we were not technically sound.

What are your future plans for

We have a lot of plans we are coming up with a globally attributed portal since Shradhanjali only caters to Indians, we wish to be able to cater to clients of different countries on a different platform.

There are ongoing talks with the print media about working in collaboration to provide better services to the user.

Any inspirational quote you live by?

I am a staunch follower of Swami Vivekananda and believe in the quote “be a hero, always say I have no fear tell this to everyone”

If you want to put an obituary of your loved ones you need to register. Only registered members can put Shradhanjali (Tribute) and can avail all the facilities offered by


Truly startup will be a great reference asset for the generations ahead to discover about one’s own roots.


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