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Competing in an Entrepreneurship world, a start-up always has to be different and impeccable in terms of achieving success. Nevertheless, success can not be achieved without determination, hard work and it all goes without saying the smartness and being unique with your innovations.

On an occasion, when you have loads of work summed up to your schedule, while you are hoping for helpers and how about if it is turned into a reality? Or else, in case If you have forgotten your tiffin at home and hoping for someone to bring up, you are just a booking away from the website named ‘Book My Chotu’. An idea which was initiated by two brothers, Mr. Satjeet Singh Bedi (Founder and CEO) Mr. Govin Kandhari (Core Team and Strategy) back in 2015. 

Book My Chotu’ is the website of a business model, which is serving its purpose of providing helpers through booking made by people for an occasional basis on as good as 90 rupees an hour.

We had an interview with, Mr. Satjeet Singh(Founder and CEO), which may bring out the inside story of one of the leading Entrepreneurship in India.

Mr. Satjeet Singh(Founder and CEO),
Mr. Satjeet Singh(Founder and CEO),

When was this entrepreneurship started?

This venture was started two years back in 2015, Me and my co-founder who happens to be my brother, Mr. Govin Kedari, had started up with grocery app earlier back in 2015, it somehow proved to be not a substantially great business to work upon, then we worked on our model called ‘Book My Chotu’ through which we thought of providing helpers to the people for various occasions which requires some outside help, helpers have had been provided at 90 Rupees for an hour.

The name ‘Book My Chotu’ is very catchy and gets into the brain of the customer, call it a luck as name proved to be quite beneficial for us, people wanted to know about our venture which made them start using it. This idea has been to facilitate people who need occasional help. We started gaining huge appreciation and was also popular at that point of time where there were no such services available. It was universal to use for everybody as on basis of bookings being made by our customer, we used to send people for cleaning house, parties and on various occasions.

One of the very first bookings we had, where the customer wanted his grandfather to be dropped to a train station and also wanted an attendant by his grandfather’s side to arrange him his bags. So, we do not categorize between the services we provided for which customers do bookings. Ranging from cleaning of the house to documents delivery to the prescribed location, we are providing the service which we are booked for.

During the demonetisation period, we told people that we may also provide boys to stand in the long queue which led us to gain huge popularity. We were popular all over the world, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, UK, USA as demonetisation was a very hot topic trending around. Since then, we have got a huge database, as our venture is growing day by day.

What was the eureka moment for ” Book My Chotu”?

Talking about it, working at young age, I saw so many business’ around me, saw people multiplying money and creating value at the end of it, So, my brother and myself had many ideas, one such was initiated back in 2015 and it was dream come true for us back in 2016, when we started gaining huge popularity and this startup became such a big hit.

People involved in your business while your startup?

We were only two people my brother Mr. Govin Kandhari and myself when we had our startup.

Was there any obstacle in your path of the startup?

Entrepreneurship is like a religion to follow, there are so many challenges to face for example, as I belong to Sikhism, I have to grow my hair, I have to tie turban every day, I’ve to say my prayers every day, So there isn’t obstacle, but yes it’s different from other religions and I’m really proud to do it, similarly being an entrepreneur you have to justify your start-up, the value you want to create, the vision you had. So, there were few ups and downs, but we kept innovating and we didn’t know we will be so popular.

One thing, what we knew was to keep up on our work and to keep sharpening our services and keep innovating innovations, which was the key to the success we dreamt about, Our start-up was standing in long queues, nobody would have noticed us, it was just a small punchline, credit to our start-up name through which we became noticeable to entire world.

What is the motivation that you follow?

See, motivation is that, we have employed so many staff under us, it was just a concept, if I look  back into a year and a half, this thing was just on a piece of paper, I had discussed this idea of startup with My brother Govin, who gave a positive response of going ahead with it. So, converting it to a piece of paper to a proper business is something very big, still, we have a long way to go surely.

Back in 2015-2016, many promising start-ups came up. But we notice a dip in start-up’s coming up in 2017? Would you comment something on that?

I think people have made entrepreneurship is equal to raising money, heavy funds, and not creating value while just burning up the money. We did not do that, we did exactly opposite, we played very low, we weren’t hungry for money. In the time of the year 2015-16, Investors were throwing money and people were catching it, there was no value created and even the investors were getting their money just from the IITians, the person from IIT has his own good ideas to go ahead with. I think there have to be certain business norms, you have to treat your investors capital as your own capital, you can’t be playing around with somebody else’ money, which is double responsibility on you.

What is your business model?

So, we give helpers on an hourly basis, as good as 90 rupees an hour, you can hire helpers through our website, by booking as a must.

Is this business spread across India or just in a state?

Currently, we provide our services only in Delhi, as we are looking for someone to take up franchise model for our business across various states.

What makes you different from your competitors?

In 2015-16, people were running after money, we are unique is because we think slightly different, To be honest, I read allot, I read about how Parle was made and how they started from a small factory and now they are a big group. These guys have run the businesses in right ways,  they started off small, their product was good, they scaled it because of their unique service.

How is India as for the start-up?

In coming 15 years, India is best place for entrepreneurship as in case if a person has even one percent of entrepreneurship bug in him, He should explore India as an opportunity, I think from next 10 years growth will be marginal and everybody should be part of that and as far as India is concerned, I think, Entrepreneurship came in very late here, people in India are traders no matter even if it’s a small shop they have that business trick in them, I think this is the right country where people will succeed as we look onto stats of different parts of start-up culture, It has become so popular and surely I think number will go up. I think we need more young minds to look at businesses.

Any message for Young start-ups coming up?

Entrepreneurship is like a religion, you have to follow it, there are no shortcuts to it, you have to keep innovating, have to keep making value to your products and also you have to set goals for yourself for your business.


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