R Granny’s cafe

Food plays an important role in human life, a universal truth though. Our motherland consists of different states of different cultures, different food, but united by diversity though. Some prefer, Vegetarian dish while some do a Non-vegetarian dish, well won’t trigger a debate between vegetarians and Non-vegetarians, as it has always been, so far. Taste has always been a crucial factor which has led to a big competition among several restaurants, cafe.

One such Cafe in Jalna known as ‘R Granny’s cafe’ is seen gaining popularity among people of Jalna. As, we had an interview with Mr. Akshat Shrimal Oza, Founder of ‘R Granny’s cafe’ he highlighted how it was to start a cafe where people hardly knew cappuccino.

R Granny’s cafe
R Granny’s cafe

When was this cafe started? What was the idea behind this name R Granny’s cafe?

“It was started on 9th of November in 2017, Talking about the name given to the cafe, the name has his origin from the childhood memories people have their Granny, we are trying to reach your childhood. Along with good ambiance and services, We even have indoor games to play, like Chess, Snake and ladders, ludo, Trump-cards, what we used to play back in 90’s era and ‘R’ in the name of Cafe stand as ‘Our Granny’s cafe’. I just lost my grandma six months back, so, we had a mind that giving the name of the cafe after grandma could be the best thing, then ‘Grandma’ name was introduced which got converted to ‘Our Granny’s cafe’, as far as dedicating something to her was concerned.

Where is it located in Jalna?

“It’s located in prime location of Jalna, near Shivaji Statue”.

Was cafe as a business, the only idea in your mind from the start?

“It was the only idea in our mind, fortunately, all the thing went up what we thought of, Interior designs to sitting arrangement are as simple as we could keep, we thought of not making it that fancier. Ranging from ‘Bhartiya baithak’ to several sitting facility which customers could feel comfortable, as this is the only cafe in Jalna, we permit people to sit for a long time here, allow them to play indoor games made available by us”.

What was the idea behind placing games in the cafe?

“Idea was such that, we wanted people to come here and cherish their childhood, so when people come here by the time we prepare food for them, we thought about keeping them engaged in some activities, so we thought indoor games could be the best option, we may opt for, also the motive was, we want people to keep aside their mobiles, their stress, worries and engage with some of their childhood activities”.

R Granny’s cafe
R Granny’s cafe

Do you have franchises in other cities too?

“No, we have started up with this cafe only in Jalna, as the path goes ahead, we might think about having franchises, for now, we may look for the response we will get in coming days, Since last 15 days, the response here for our cafe has been appreciative. People are liking it and if we have a similar thing for a long time, we might surely expand our business into small cities”.

What are the new things or dishes you have introduced in your cafe?

“We have not innovated much in food, but ‘Jamun shot’ here is the one thing to go for, and no doubt about people liking the interior which we have kept as ‘Retro’ fashion and the food is simple too, which people have certainly appreciated”.

Which is that one thing which makes you outstanding from others?

“So, we have started getting famous for our ‘Jamun shot’, In Jalna, one doesn’t easily find Cappuccino, Americano likewise you don’t find fresh beans extracted coffee over here, we are the only one who serves that coffee here in Jalna. We also have saffron coffee available here, it’s basically a Cappuccino mixed with the flavor of keshar, which something different from other cafes around. You would not even find ‘Saffron Cappucino in CCD, Starbucks or other outlets in Pune, as this is made by us”.

R Granny’s cafe
R Granny’s cafe

Were there any worries surrounded you when you thought to start this business?

“The day we thought about starting this cafe, We asked our parents, so they were like, “We have no idea about this and also don’t get into this, they won’t be successful and you better start with a business related to manufacturing or concerned to your field, as I am an Engineer, so, they want me to get into a Manufacturing unit. I worked in Pune for last three years, I was working in a company named ‘Amoora’ as a business development manager over there, I did have in mind that I’ve had to do something very different, I have to stand out from the crowd and do something unique, so when I came to Jalna, I spent my whole one year to find out what  exactly I want to do, I had even started researching about different businesses also, I somehow was convinced to cafe as a business, we did dropout the plan fearing it won’t work in Jalna. Pagdandi cafe in Pune, which I used to visit a lot of times, I got inspired by that,  During my college days I did have thought to start a cafe but it got implemented when I saw Pagdandi cafe in Pune. As of now, Pagdandi cafe owner, Mr.Vishal is my good friend who has also helped in my task to set up my cafe.

People involved in your business.

“I am the only one associated with this cafe along with my family, without them, It would have been near impossible to set this up. I have altogether three people working currently”.

Did you ever have a worry of Job? while you thought about starting the cafe.

“I never had worries of job, when I was in college, I used to think that, I will surely do business, but once I stepped out of college, I realised starting business isn’t an easy deal, One need to know the market, what market requires and for setting up a successful business, one has to innovate and fulfil the requirements. So, I started doing jobs, which made me explore myself in two different aspects.

What motivation do you follow?

“I believe in doing things rather than thinking about failures, which has to lead me to a little share of success. Unless and until one doesn’t explore opportunities he won’t succeed. So Just do things, either it may be a learning curve for you or if luck permits then a success”.

Contact: 9422927582

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rgrannyscafe/

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