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Today, in the 21st century, India aim to settle down at mars, various techniques are coming into play, Soon one will see there shall be no Country like India, In between Mass violence to Casteism, Our motherland have all potential to be at the top, but, what is it pulling us behind? Could you guess? Okay, You go for an office or colleges or for various purpose, You see some children begging on streets, While most of us think that they have enough money and might survive with it, Right? So have you ever managed to at least provide a meal to them? Most of us think that’s not our job, but it would prove to be a helping hand.

A piece of thought by Swami Vivekanand, “When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state”, question is, Who would transform this idea into existence? Young minds would do certainly, as Youth is defining the power of India! Similarly, a Pune based group named ‘Spreading Smiles’ have come up with a motive to work for the society living below poverty scale.

As a motive of Zoopah.com, to uplift the work of several organization who have stood out of herd with their work, an interview with ‘Spreading Smiles’ members might leave a positive impact on readers mind.

On speaking with Mr. Abhijeet Doke a teacher by profession, and also a member of the group, said that,

Spreading Smiles Team
Spreading Smiles Team

This group was started nine months back, Group was started by a few of college students accounting just six initially, today we have a total of 60 members willing to work for this social cause. Hadn’t that idea came into their mind, the group wouldn’t have been in place. We have no funding from neither the government nor from any organization, the fund is generated by contribution given by pocket money of all the members, the majority of members are college students. We have been doing donations in several homes across Pune, so far. When the group was started, we had the collection of total 3 to 4 k contribution, which led to a base of initial donation. Thankful to people out there who saw our work and gave the contribution till today’s date. Our biggest challenging donation was a recent one, where we had decided to donate around 100 sweaters to Children’s in Yerwada homes. I am so happy and amazed that we made it through 100 sweaters donation, funds required for this donation was around 16 k,  we thought, we can hardly make it around 10 k, thanks to all of our members who went out of their way to raise funds, Nothing is happier than making those children believe that We stand with them.

Are members, from one college?

No, all members aren’t only students, there are some members who even work. And, students we have working for our group are from different colleges, they have come to this group through the willingness to work for this group and from a link through their friends in our group.

What made you join this group?

“I joined this group through my student who was working for this group, I always had a bug inside me to work for a social cause, as I couldn’t do it on a solo basis, I decided to join this group, which I am very happy about”.

Is this group registered as an NGO?

“Not yet,  we haven’t discussed it, we are going on with the flow, in case if that comes into our path as necessary to be registered, We might do it too”.

What along with donations has this Group done so far?

As you know, Entertainment is the purest form to make anyone happy,  we have arranged a musical programme at an old age home, a few months back, the programme was done by our members itself, We have guitarist group merged in us run by three of our members named Vishal Babar, Ravi Vedpathak and Tarun Mouzumdar. All of our members contribute in their own way, which paves a path to our future programmes for people living below poverty line”.

There were several problems reported about various NGO’s so far with lack of transparency. Would you talk something about that?

“I don’t think such things do justice to the donations we do or for which the groups are formed, We have had given equal importance to every member associated with us, We have transparency in the funds we receive and will do in future, transparency is one thing we strongly believe in. Our funds and all tally of funds is managed by our member named ‘Ananta Birajdar’ who is studying Engineering and is in last year of it. If things are to be tallied then there is contribution of all members and outsiders who have given immense support in our work, so a teamwork is all we have set as a target, We have various programmes in our minds, In future, if we have enough funds and members, we are also looking to support a family, struggling to educate their ward, we might support their child financially as well as mentally, as mental support was given can create wonder out of any child”.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/spreadingsmiles748/

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