The communication system has come a long way since various technologies have come into the play. #Mobile phones to Computer or various gadgets all have changed their mode, the way of operating and certainly, it will improve in future as technology advances ahead. A huge applause to the Internet, it has become somehow the backbone of Human daily working structure. Back then a simple mobile phone was introduced, which didn’t have much of features, but with the way it is transformed into a smartphone today, credits all the way to the technology, as it goes without saying the competition among mobile phone industries, which has led to outstanding services they provide. Having said that everything has its own backlog. So, the scenario here is, when it comes to the volume of social networking sites, we operate these days, which is very large, also the thing to be worried about.

Back in 2004, when #Facebook was introduced, it made millions of users. Not many people you might spot who aren’t having an account on the Facebook. Yes, it did have a positive impact, but people have had made it a life. It was meant to make world closer, but it was never meant to make one involve in it to that extent where he has no idea about the surroundings. The increasing volume of a man turning into a social media bot is certainly the thing to be worried. Not long ago, when outdoor games were played, which are certainly replaced with smartphone games today. If the childhood is replaced then is working scale of human life too; We have come to a point, where we no longer enjoy the moment, but update the moment on social media. Are, we fail to enjoy the moment? Or, are we restricted to our phones? We as an individual have failed to recognize the time distribution, we bring office work home, but do we ever take some time out of the busy day just for our little happiness? Recent deaths were reported all over the world due to ‘Blue whale’ game, thousands of teens allegedly committed suicide, aren’t we turning into psychopathic condition? Selfie deaths occurring, isn’t that enough of the usage of phones which has cost so many lives so far?

One astonishing fact about people using smartphones in India as per the survey is accounting of total 18% which USA has reached in 2011 itself, So generally, using a smartphone or social media isn’t a bad deal, as the world is advancing, why should we step back. But as being said everything has its own limit, scientifically proven when you elongate one thing above its capacity, it’s bound to be meaningless. What are the ways we might opt in order to limit ourselves from the social media or our phone? So, what we basically do when we are stressed? In today’s times, we generally find a movie and watch it for hours or talk with our loved ones either on phone or in person. Talking to our loved ones in person is the thing you might want to prefer, well if it isn’t about talking then taking out some time out of your hectic schedule and travelling to some of the new places and try to discover some facts about them, which would also result to get yourselves free from the stressed hours. Find some or other alternatives which you love doing, and it’s quite obvious that while you do this you might find a way to keep yourself distanced from social media life and phone. Never to forget, we have been gifted a beautiful life and way more beautiful nature, the more you appreciate the beauty of nature, the more you are happier in your life. Don’t wait for the good times, go and make it out and see the wonders made out of it. Our ancestors have all the beautiful and amazing experiences integrated with their lives, they didn’t have a phone or social sites back then, but they made their life worth by loving what they got and certainly is what we might want to opt for.

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