Does the idea of creepy conversations, fake profiles and sexting keep you from going on a date using the vast number of dating apps available online? Are you done with the chatting and the back-and-forth texting? Try GOJIVE, it’s so much better!

Sharing your phone number and & revealing your identity to somebody before you meet them can be a pain in the ass honestly. But with GOJIVE, these issues go out the window. Now you don’t have to be worried about perverts creeping up on you.

Delhi NCR and Chandigarh were blessed with this groundbreaking application in July 2017 when its passionate team of 5 decided to give youngsters a break from the monotonous process of dating. GOJIVE claims, that with almost 50 blind dates a week & over 50K downloads, it is taking the dating industry for a ride.

GOJIVE was started by two young entrepreneurs, Mr Ritesh Kumar (Profile) and Mr Mayank Singhal (Profile) in July 2017.

How to use GOJIVE? It’s easy!

  • Download the application. Duh!
  • Register using Facebook and verify your phone number through OTP
  • Fill out your description, and set your preferred Date, Time and Place
  • Find your date – You either “Make” or “Break”
  • If your preferences match with someone you “Make”, congratulations! You’ve got yourself a blind date!

Now, since you have the details of your date, you can track your date, and contact the always available customer support in case of issues. All this, without even having to share your number! It’s extremely easy and reliable.

With their direct “Stranger is my Date” motto, it has gone on to claim success as India’s only Blind date and Speed dating app. They have a strict verification & filtration process, with only 7 out of 10 profiles making it onto the platform. Anonymity is of prime importance, as they ensure customer’s comfort and safety.

GOJIVE has partnered with Chaayos, a chain of tea cafes across many cities. All the blind dates and speed dating events are organized at Chaayos. Although restricted to Delhi NCR and Chandigarh, the plan on expanding to Bangalore and Mumbai within a couple of months, and we just can’t wait! With their brand new and creative date ideas, this app could really take off as THE solution to the dating scenario in the country.

Wouldn’t you want a date in the blue skies? Yes, you do! Unless, of course, you are afraid of heights.

They are upping their game with many new date ideas which will be introduced in 2018. Some of them are:

  • Movie date
  • Sports date
  • Vacation date
  • Celebrity date
  • Customized date

GOJIVE is here to stay, and we hope their network spreads across the country super soon because we cannot wait to get our hands on this amazing app! Because it’s time to #KnowTheUnknown

Visit – https://www.gojive.in

App Links to download:

IOS https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/gojive/id1211983253?mt=8 


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