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Are you an artist looking for platforms to get your talent out? Are you sick and tired of invites to perform at weddings and birthday parties? Do you want to be known for what you do? Then Ovonts is the place for you!

Started in March 2016 by 27-year old Manish Sau. Ovonts is an omnichannel distributor of lifestyle services sourced from a pool of talent. In simpler terms, they discover the talent and then help artists showcase that talent to the world. They follow two formats of distribution – On demand services & Luminary Talent Generated Content.

“Every musician goes through the same problem at some point in their life, of getting connected to demand.” says Manish, who faced the same struggle. As a DJ during his college days in Chennai, he also came across the difficulty of creating a demand for himself. Nobody gave a chance to local artists, especially to those who were starting out young. Established individuals & collectives stole all the limelight, and there was no promising scope for growth.

That’s when it hit him! Why not lessen the struggle for other artists and take away the headache of putting their talent out there? Why not provide the artists with the platform, so that they don’t have to look for it on their own? The end result: Ovonts. As a consumer, you get to choose from their 4 broad areas of interest, namely Music, Dance, Comedy and Food & Leisure, which in turn has a wide range of events to choose from, according to your interests or mood that evening. Visit their website and you know your evening is sorted!

With the talent, though, Ovonts has a lot to offer. “Engagement and Monetisation are the two biggest problems faced by artists across all genres. We wanted to find a guaranteed solution to these problems, and hence came up with the idea.” With a free sign up to get on the platform, the artists are provided with a number of opportunities and events, and only after the deal is signed, about 10-20% of the profit goes to Ovonts itself.

When asked about what he owes his success to, he said, “On an individual level, I’m a numbers-oriented person. I believe in the decisions I make and follow them through with persistence and resilience. On an organizational level, though, I am backed by a great team, a strong backing in the form of an amazingly supportive family, and advisors who have been by my side through thick and thin.” Mumbai was their major target city when they started out, but since the time they started, they have rendered their services to three other cities, namely Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. “It’s a very relationship-based service.” says Manish, who offers exclusivity to certain clients, which helps them do good business.

There were a lot of hurdles in his way, starting from funding to execution. Entrepreneurship isn’t a cake walk. It is not an easy money thing anymore, where any idea sells. It has to be unique and it has to be able to survive in this competitive and ever-evolving market. It is a continuous process based on permutation & combination, and only when that is figured out, is when you get your breakthrough. That’s where Ovonts has the edge over other similar websites, because it sells you an experience, not a product. Targeting the big yet underexplored pool of local talent, it has carved the path to success.

“India, in terms of start-ups, is still in its developing stages. We need to face and overcome challenges to provide upcoming entrepreneurs with the right kind of support.” says Manish, who knew nobody when he came to Mumbai, but only had faith in himself and his ideas. He credits his passion and persistence, which brought him where he is today.

Ovonts has big plans for the future, with a new user application, partner application and funding rounds in the works. Here’s hoping that Ovonts, with its present team of 4, goes on to expand and deliver promising artists to the world. Because there’s nothing as too much talent!

Website: http://www.ovonts.com/

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