15 Promising Startup of 2017

Year 2017 remains as an uphill period for start-up environment in India. In this year, there was a dip in the number of investments through funding. On the contrary, it was a different scenario in the early years, even though the idea seemed similar. Investors have begun focusing on startups that are unique and have the potential to get revenue in the starting few years. This led to a tectonic shift in the way business in done in startups.

Earlier, startups focused more on the customer acquisition to get popular with the funding they received, whereas in the last year, the focus has been more on improving the business, technology and also on scaling up the idea to generate revenue. Though this has been a tough call on the startups and how they function yet there are some promising startups which have become popular due to their unique innovative ideas or disruptive technologies. Startups in the field of Fintech, EdTech, Artificial Intelligence and E-commerce have been the hot startups this year. This list is based on India.

Here is a list of 15 startups that have been promising and got popular in 2017.

  1. Tapchief

    TapChief Website
    TapChief is a platform that connects Businesses & professionals to Experts, on-demand.
    Leading professionals & organisations leverage TapChief Experts to solve critical problems across strategy, technology, marketing, finance, session & operations.
    A combination of proprietary technology & human assistance, TapChief ensures seamless experience for all its users from start to end.

    Started – In Year 2016
    Industry – Service Sector
    Website Link – https://www.tapchief.com/

  2. CyberEye

    CyberEye Website

    CyberEye, a security arm of iBuild Innovations India Ltd.,empowers students, professionals, trainers and organizations to build their capacities in CyberSpace through professional trainings in Cyber Security. They have an exclusive and well designed trainings for Government Organisations, Corporates, Students and Professionals, Trainers and Educational Institutions
    It is determined to create “Guardians of Cyberspace”. It is a World’s first end to end micro level training solution in Cyber Security.

    The global Security workforce will have more than 1.5 million unfilled positions. CyberEye aims to bridge this gap through their industry certified trainings. Their team consists of alumni from premier institutions like IITs, IIM, IIITs, NITs, BITS. Most of them previously worked with MNCs like Amazon, Qualcomm, HP, NVIDIA, Bosch, TCS, Cognizant etc.

    Cybersecurity is the need of the hour to save the world from rapidly growing cyber threats as we are welcoming more and more IoT and connected devices.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Service and Education Technology
    Website Link – http://cybereyelabs.io/


  3. Niki – India – Personal assistant

    Niki.ai Website
    Niki.ai Website

    Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered bot that you can chat with and make transactions across services – Recharge, Cab booking, Bill payments, Bus booking, Movie tickets, Hotel booking, Do laundry, Events booking, Nearbuy deals, Local search and more features. Niki is a friendly, personal assistant designed to help consumers have a conversation to get things done. Using artificial intelligence to understand a user’s conversational intent, Niki is aspiring to be the one-stop shop for all shopping requirements.

    It helps in making regular day to day tasks like bill payments easy and with a click of a button

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Intelligent Technology Services
    Website Link – https://niki.ai


  4. Boxx.AI

    Boxx.ai Website

    AI for e-commerce. It brings your eCommerce business alive in a matter of a few clicks with the world’s most sophisticated algorithms crunching terabytes of data in powerful compute engines. India that is paving the way for AI-driven products and solutions and gradually replacing the people-driven solutions in real-time. Their product is one of a kind personalization engine that enables the e-commerce companies to crunch the data and personalize their businesses with AI-driven algorithms that result in an overall increase of revenue by up to ~ 40%.

    E commerce industry is so big and they develop a suite of products that use AI to solve the traditional analytics use-cases, thus delivering results faster, cheaper, better and thereby making analytics more accessible.

    Started – In Year 2016
    Industry – E Commerce
    Website Link – https://boxx.ai/#home


  5. Zenatix


    Zenatix Website

    Leading the innovation in IoT and Machine Learning Based Energy Monitoring and Control. Their vision is to deliver analytics driven energy efficiency with an aim of building a sustainable planet.

    We are a data-driven energy efficiency company using advanced machine learning based models to provide significant energy savings for large commercial consumers of electricity. The models are built by collecting and analysing millions of previously unseen (“dark”) data points every day from electrical assets. In addition to energy savings, these models, built with data collected by a reliable remote monitoring solution, allow for automated and intelligent control of assets along with predictive and preventive maintenance. Zenatix aims to address the energy efficiency problem across a range of energy scenarios and eventually help grids turn smarter.

    Zenatix aims to change the lives of 1.3 billion people who don’t even have access to electricity, and leave energy efficiency as a legacy for our future generations.

    It focuses on one of the most important things of our generation – sustainable utilization of energy

    Started – In Year 2013
    Industry – Energy/IoT/Data Analytics
    Website – https://zenatix.com/


  6. Qriyo – Tutor in an App

    Qriyo Website

    Qriyo is India’s First Managed Home Tuition App . With Qriyo there is no need to browse through endless profiles, hassle and haggle. They provide one perfect Tutor in a Tap. They offer courses through home tutors for Academics, Competition Exams, Yoga, Music, Dance, Art & Crafts and Languages, Fitness & Sports

    From wide domains, including academics, co-curricular, extracurricular and fitness with philosophy. These semi-customisable courses offer a quick, focused learnings with qualified, trained instructors and powerful curriculum.

    Brings all the teachers to learn skills from at your doorstep as they send home tutors to your place and you can learn skills in a customised fashion.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Education and Service Sector
    Website Link – https://www.qriyo.com/


  7. Make the World Wonderful


    Make the World Wonderful
    Make the World Wonderful

    Make the World Wonderful is a civil society organisation that aims to build harmony in the society. They primarily work with children and youth, with a belief that youth when equipped with proper values and skills have the power to bring about a positive social change.

    Nowadays, the high regard with which NGOs and social activists are seen is being replaced with a sense of distrust and scepticism. While wrong deeds of some people have negatively affected the entire ecosystem, 100% transparent systems are the need of the hour to restore the lost trust. They implement 100% transparency in all their activities. They also support others who come forward to implement transparency framework in their organisations. They offer to help them with technology as well as methodology, for making transparency an integral part of their systems.

    Harmony in the society is the need of the hour and 19 year-old Founder Meghana Dabbara always visualized from her childhood a world where people cooperate with each other.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Social Entrepreneurship
    Website Link – http://maketheworldwonderful.org/


  8.  Early Salary


    Early Salary
    Early Salary

    EarlySalary is an innovative lending platform that will change the way loans in India are taken. Being a new age online brand, they bring together new credit scoring systems for superior customer profiling. Their mobile first strategy will help customers get loans within minutes. The online platform is backed by a strong leadership team that aims to build a new credit scoring platform that combines traditional credit scoring with new social and online scoring technology-linked risk assessment concepts, to deliver a revolutionary new business set to change the lending market in India.

    Our population is dominated majorly by middle class youth who have strong aspirations to enjoy life to the fullest. One thing that is a great constraint with them is there have always been times of the month where people are left with empty pockets. Being broke at the end of the month is a common problem, and EarlySalary.com plans to help provide a small bridge loan to tide over that short difficult period till your salary reaches your account. The loan can be approved in a simple and transparent way through their mobile app.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – FinTech
    Website Link – http://earlysalary.com

  9. Boriya Bistar


    Website of Boriya Bistar
    Website of Boriya Bistar

    Boriya Bistar
    was started to make the life of people moving to different places, especially in pursuit of a career or education. The very first thing they do right after they find a place to stay is to shop for home essentials. The list includes towels to pillows to lunch boxes, you need stuff to start your new life in a city that is brand new to you. That is when the actual crux situation arises, just imagine the problems,unfamiliar Language, unfamiliar streets, unfamiliar people, unfamiliar shops.

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    Boriya Bistar lets you shop for the bed, bath, and cooking essentials from the convenience of your home. From branded products to in-house makes, they feature an array of items that will help you make a new city feel like home.

    Boriya Bistar eases the life and hassles of people moving to new places.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Consumer Products
    Website Link – https://www.boriyabistar.in/


  10. Debtors Watch

    Debtors Watch

    Debtors WatchDebtors Watch is India’s first web based interactive portal that helps businesses of any form and size to report trade defaults, perform credit checks and monitor their customer’s credit worthiness on an ongoing basis. Debtors Watch provides you an effective debt and cash flow management solution, by acting as a virtual credit manager and keeps an eye on all your Debtors through the use of its uniquely designed debt collection tools.

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    The various services they provide are

    • Report Trade defaults against unpaid invoices
    • Check credit worthiness of existing and new customers
    • Recover old outstanding dues
    • Streamline Company Cash Flows
    • 24×7 Credit Control Manager through its Watchlist facility
    • Access to Debt Collection Tools

    Started – In Year 2017
    Industry – FinTech
    Website Link –  https://www.debtorswatch.com

  11. Loan Frame


    Loan Frame
    Loan Frame

    Loan Frame is an Artificial Intelligence powered technology platform that aims to revolutionise small business lending in the subcontinent through cutting edge technologies and automation

    Loan Frame is a fintech company that uses proprietary technologies to originate, underwrite and distribute small business lending products.

    Loan Frame has over 50 different loan products:

    – Loan Against Property
    – Unsecured Business Loans
    – Cash And Non Cash Working Capital Loans
    – Equipment Loans
    – E-commerce Merchant Loans

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – FinTech
    Website Link – https://www.loanframe.com/

  12. Loan Tap
    Loan Tap
    Loan Tap

    LoanTap is an online platform committed to deliver flexible loan products to salaried professionals. LoanTap assesses the borrower’s credit-worthiness by collating the information from the documents in addition to sourcing the borrower’s CIBIL score.

    Gurgaon-based Loan Frame is one of the few Indian fintech startups using Artificial Intelligence to offer micro-lending options. An ecosystem of web and mobile applications interact with each other, managing workflow between borrowers, introducers, partners, operations and lenders. AI and machine learning algorithms examine a borrower’s profile to evaluate credit worthiness in minutes.

    Started – In Year 2016
    Industry – FinTech
    Website Link – https://loantap.in/


  13. Fabulyst


    Fabulyst is an Artificial Intelligence(AI)  engine that solves for modern women’s style aspirations. Fabulyst is everyone’s very own personal styling buddy. It understands you so well that it personalises the whole internet for you when it comes to fashion. It is nicknamed as the Virtual Salesman for online fashion stores. It’s globally one of a kind AI based system which can emulate a personal stylist in a hands free manner. It uses proprietary algorithms combining Deep learning, Computer vision, NLP and >40,000 styling theory rules from textbooks.

    Fabulyst is an AI based styling assistant for women who browse & shop fashion online. It solves the problem of women getting confused about whether any dress really suits them or not.

    Started – In Year 2016
    Industry – Fashion Technology and eCommerce
    Website Link – http://www.fabulyst.com/

  14. Flyobe


    Flyrobe is India’s Largest Fashion Rental Service. They offer authentic Designer Wear on Rent with Custom Fitting & Doorstep Delivery & Pick Up.  It is an online platform to rent designer apparel and accessories. As of now, it is operational in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh.

    Flyrobe has plans to expand to offline stores in order to acquire more customers. India is the land of festivals and functions and this startup has plans to capture the market of guests who wish to wear designer clothes.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Fashion and E Commerce
    Website Link – http://www.fluxgen.com/

  15. WayCool



    WayCool was formed in 2015 to transform the agri-products supply chain. They procure over 250 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables directly from farmers across 10 states in India. They transport the above with care through our state-of-the-art logistics network, using the latest available technology in post-harvest management and logistics. They continually optimise supply chain to reduce wastage and inefficiencies using the latest available information technology tools, such as IOT, and Analytics.

    Produce is directly procured from these farmers, weighted and graded in a transparent manner. All payments are electronic, to ensure traceability and transparency. WayCool works with a number of technology partners – Private and Government – to constantly upgrade post-handling capability and continually reduces wastage and inefficiencies.

    India is one of the world’s largest producers of food. Agricultural products have traditionally moved from farm to consumer through a series of intermediaries. Over 40% of fresh produce is believed to be wasted or suffers value diminution before it reaches the consumer. Fruits and vegetables cost four to ten times more at the retail outlet, compared to the farmgate. Food is moved and stored in less-than-hygienic conditions. WayCool believes that wastage and inefficiency can be slashed, food hygiene transformed and returns to farmers multiplied through the use of a carefully curated technology toolkit, backed by discipline operations. WayCool is set about to do exactly that.

    Started – In Year 2015
    Industry – Supply Chain is using Technology
    Website Link – http://waycool.in/


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