Guys, let’s face it. 2017 was the worst! There was too much Donald Trump in the news, millennials wasted their time with the completely useless fidget spinner, and there were altogether too many shootings, hurricanes and tornadoes. While the world somehow survived, some people came up with a silver lining. To bring a smile on everyone’s faces, we were blessed with the “challenge” trend, where almost every month a new challenge would take social media by storm. The Harlem Shake, ALS Ice Bucket & the Mannequin challenge are now a thing of the past. Here are our Top 6 social media challenges of 2017:

Juju on that Beat Challenge

Yasssss Queeen! Undoubtedly the most entertaining challenge to have ever come up, rap-artists Zay & Zayion came up with such a foot tapping number that the world rose to their feet to dance to it. A pre-choreographed video took the internet world by storm, with people creating their own renditions to it. Celebrities and commoners alike, everybody contributed into making it a worldwide phenomenon. Let’s Juju everybody!

The Floor is Lava Challenge

It’s simple. The floor is lava. Now jump! And stay up! Don’t step down into the lava! An absolute fun game, it always takes you by surprise. Your friends will only have to shout “The Floor is Lava”, and you have to find the nearest thing to climb to avoid touching the floor lest you get burned.

People made this challenge waaaay bigger than it was by making hilarious memes out of it! Try it the next time you want your friend to jump out of their skin and scram!

The Floor is Lava Challenge
The Floor is Lava Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

Word of advice? DON’T DO IT! Eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon under 60 seconds without drinking anything is plain stupid, and extremely dangerous. It can kill you and making this a viral challenge was probably not the best thing in the world.

Nevertheless, it gained massive fame, and too many hilarious reactions were recorded for posterity. Too many people coughed their way to internet success, but we hope it never, ever comes back.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

I mean. I don’t know. Do we need this? Probably not. Is it good for you? No, really. Is it fun? YES! BECAUSE THE REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS! Credited to India for its origins, the Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jalokia pepper, currently the second hottest chilli in the world has become the most viral food challenge over the internet.

The objective is to film yourself while eating one whole ghost pepper and record the stages of your reactions, which may often turn out to be hilarious, but also dangerous in some.

Planking Challenge

Who knew lying face down could be so much fun? The dreaded fitness exercise has now become a super fun fad, with people lying down in unusual and incongruous locations. The objective? Make it as quirky as you can, in the weirdest places!

Planking Challenge
Planking Challenge


Planking Challenge
Planking Challenge

The challenge has generated thousands of reactions and responses on social media, often resulting in hilarious and tear-down-the-cheek reactions!

The Invisible Box Challenge

A teenager cheerleader Ariel Olivar threw the whole planet into a frenzy when she did something other wordly. She pretty much defied gravity, stood on nothing, and jumped to the other side! What?!


Called the Invisible Box challenge, the objective is to show that you are stepping over a phantom box, pretty much in mid-air. While some performed this challenge to perfection, others failed hilariously. Just make sure to not break your teeth when you try it!


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