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India Khel is a mobile phone application that lets its users discover other people who share their interest in sports and find a sports buddy to play their favourite games with. The app is available to android users on the Playstore (iOS version launching soon) and users can also log on to their website ( to avail their services.

Not just the youngsters but also the little kids of our screen obsessed generation don’t seem to appreciate the pure joy of playing sports in an open field anymore. Social media addiction has started affecting the health of everybody these days. Office goers and business owners too, struggling with their packed schedules, seem to have forgotten the health benefits of playing on field. We have started this small initiative to empower such people; so that they may combine their need for online interaction with the relaxation and happiness of playing on field- Social media with more physical activity.

India Khel is started by Twin Brothers, Aniket and Nikhil Pawar from Mumbai both of whom are health and fitness freaks.
“We as youngsters were so engrossed in social media and mobile phone games that we forgot our real social life and it also started affecting our health, that’s when it clicked us- the idea of India Khel” says Nikhil.

India Khel is a platform that provides the following services to their users-

  1. Listing of Sports goods (old and new) by registered users.
  2. Listing of Sports services (training and coaching)
  3. List of sports grounds and turfs.

And the best part? All these services are provided for ZERO rupees, completely free of any monetary charges.

The only motive behind this is to promote sports and the only thing they charge you for this is a SMILE. India Khel does not earn any revenue from either its users or the people posting goods and services. It is FREE of cost to everyone.

India Khel also promotes team sports. One can create a Team on India Khel. One can also create a sports event and manage it LIVE so that people in the locality can also view the sports activities happening in their area.


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