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3D printing has been defined as a modern industrial transformation that carries a potential for radical innovation in terms of business models and consumption methods to into a reality. It is the 4th industrial revolution, which is equipped with new technologies and impacting all industries including jewellery.

3D printing is a game changer that is breaking into the jewellery industry, the way e-commerce has disrupted retail segment. Today, we would like to share the story of such a company who manufactures the 3D machine in Mumbai, India and all peripherals are manufactured in India only.

RACHAK”, is a second name of “LORD BRAMHA” (The Creator)a Brain Child of Mr. Mahesh Lapasia and Mr. Rajan Gangar. Both of them are having an in depth knowledge on Chemistry and Technology. It is not only in depth knowledge; it was the enthusiasm to make something different and own. It is the only company in India, who manufacture 3D Printer and Resins together.

“RACHAK is thoroughly designed, developed and manufactured in India. It is designed as per Indian demand and resilience.” – says, Mr Rajan Gangar, Co-Founder of Rachak Rapidprototyping.

We spoke with Rajan, and his journey for this idea is no doubt interesting and innovative.

Rachak Machine
Rachak Machine

How did the name “RACHAK” evolve?

We started our R&D from early 2014 onwards on 3D Printer design and manufacturing. Once the design was finished, we were hunting for an appropriate name which goes with India name, because from the day one it was conceptualised, designed, developed and manufactured in India only. We considered keeping the name “RACHAK” as it is the second name of Lord Bramha (The Creator) and perfectly suited for Indian communities to recognise.

Since when did you start “RACHAK”?

I was working with Reliance Industries Ltd, petroleum division, Jamnagar. Mr. Mahesh Lapasia is an industry veteran and having an extensive knowledge on the Chemistry. Rachak Rapidprototyping, is an initiative of Colourtech Coating India Pvt Ltd, they are the first Indian company to manufacture 1K staving PU lacquers and a single largest supplier of UV based metalising top coats and base coats catering mainly to perfumes and cosmetics industry in India and middle-east.

We started doing the Research and Development from March, 2014 onwards. After all the testing and certification, In May, 2016 we launched “RACHAK” in India.

Who are the people involved in RACHAK?

Mr. Mahesh Lapasia, Mr. Prafulla Choudhary, Paras Shah and I are Co-Founders of RACHAK.

What was the Eureka moment for RACHAK?

Our parent company, ColourTex was in an expansion mode during that time. We were carrying out our grip strong in resins manufacturing, which is required for 3D Printing. So, we had a little bit knowledge about 3D Printers. As I mentioned earlier, 3D printers during that time had an enormous cost involved.  You can say, that was the eureka moment to manufacture 3D Printer in India.

What were the challenges faced during the startup time of RACHAK?

We focused on the jewellery industry initially. Fortunately or unfortunately during that time, adequately there were many developments happened in Government policies and regulation. So the startup momentum got affected in initial periods. We learnt many things from those dates and overwhelm that period.

What are the habits which lead to your success?

Mainly, it is a persistence and patience.

What makes you unique in competitors, market?

We are the only company in India, who manufacture 3D Printer and Resins together. So it is one stop solution for the customer. Likewise, we keep on developing our technology; our next model will be available in early 2018. We also provide training to the new buyers and their employees on how to operate it. Though it is simple to learn, but we want to make sure that the customer gets the best quality output with proper knowledge and zero complaints.

What is your Business Mantra?

I would like to say “Let’s create”, is the primary business mantra for me.

What is your future plan for RACHAK?

We are going to launch an upgraded version of RACHAK in 2018. We are also reshaping our business model so that we can reach the masses and give the 3D printing fun.

Did you receive any funding from any Venture Capital?

We are currently bootstrapped.

In 2014-16 we have noticed many promising startups came up? Do you think in 2017 we are noticing a dip in promising startups?

There are many startups that came –up earlier, but the bottom-line was missing somewhere. Maybe in early 2017, we have not noticed many startups coming up. But slowly it is moving towards positive direction and I am sure we can witness some promising startups in India. Now the scenario is changing, investors are asking the right questions and are now focusing on revenue generation than the cash burn. So there I won’t say there is a decline in promising startups, rather startups with the cash burn models are not getting investments now.

What do you think about the startups in India and other countries?

Slowly we are developing a good ecosystem here, and things are moving in the right direction, many interesting technologies are getting developed here in India now.

What message would you like to share for new entrepreneurs?

Bottom line is a key to success for any business. I have seen many startups, coming up and shutting down due to this issue. Whatever you are doing, please make sure the fundamentals remain intact.

While speaking with Rajan, he was enthusiastic and confident about his plans and views. No doubt, RACHAK is gradually going to make a new era in 3D printing history globally.

Website: http://rachak.in/

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