Make Rice with Cold Water

Can you believe that rice can be made with “Cold Water” without boiling? Yes, Komal Saul, an indigenous variety from Assam, which can be cooked with normal cold water. You don’t need to warm or boil the rice to make it eatable. Simply keep the rice for 30 minutes in cold water and it is ready to eat.

This is not a new invention, Komal Saul was used more than 500 years back. It was mainly used by the soldiers, where the conventional way of making rice was difficult.


Komal Saul is cultivated in Majuli – the world’s largest deltas island located in  sandbanks of the river Brahmaputra in Assam. This is consumed mostly by the local communities. Normally then consumed it with mustard oil and onions or potato mash and pickles. This can also consume with curd, jaggery and banana powder to create a favourite breakfast and popular sweet treat known as Jolpaan that is served on festive and auspicious days.

Only thing to remember, since this instant rice is made with cold water, safe drinking water should be used to soak this rice to avoid any contamination.


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