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A great idea, a strong desire to help change the world for the better and a detailed business plan will give you a running start when starting an entrepreneurial business. But it’s difficult to get off the ground unless you have the funding to back your vision.

Today, we are going to tell about such a company, who helped more than 650+ startups in the span of just 3 years. Not only that, there are few big brands who got benefited from them.

“Young people should challenge and take risk because they have very less to lose but on other hand individuals being sole breadwinner should take only calculative risk measuring current circumstance.” – said Mr. Devesh Chawla, CEO and Founder of “Chatur Ideas

Mr. Devesh, talks with Zoopah about Chatur Ideas, the soul of the company and his own unique personal trajectory.

Mr. Devesh Chawla, CEO and Founder of Chatur Ideas
Mr. Devesh Chawla, CEO and Founder of Chatur Ideas

Can you please let me know a brief about Chatur Ideas?

Chatur Ideas is a startup enabling platform. After acquiring Nurture Talent Academy (India’s first Institute for Entrepreneurs present across 125+ cities and trained more than 34,000 entrepreneurs), Chatur Ideas is training young entrepreneurs across Institutes and providing them access to its vast ecosystem so as to enrich the entrepreneurship culture right from foundation level.

Along with helping startups in colleges, it supports mature startups in raising funds, providing mentoring and assists them with a 360 degree execution support in building their ventures to the next level.
Currently, we have more than 650 startups under our wings to whom we have provided support in each of the above segments and access to our network comprising of almost 1500 Investors.

What was the Eureka moment to start Chatur Ideas?

In  early 2009, I wanted to start a radio cab based on GPS along the lines of Ola cabs. There was only radio cabs like Meru cab in existence. I was discouraged saying this business required a lot of political influence and muscle power. Taking their word, I went back to my nice cushy job. It was around 2012 that I saw Bhavish Aggarwal of Ola cabs made it to the 1000 crore club. It was at that point of time I realized that I should create a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, mentors altogether and create a strong ecosystem. Chatur Ideas is trying to solve is to help individuals connect with mentors and raise funds for their idea, even if they don’t have any influencers or support in the industry.

Can you please tell, how Chatur works or your workflow to help Startups.

We get a lot of request for Funding and Mentoring on day to day basis. My team initiates the discussion with each of them and once approved,  we start with mentoring session through which we understand if the startup has any problem solving capability, the market sustainability issues, traction and lastly if the founder has conviction to take it ahead and only then we approve their pitch and send across to our chain of investors in our network. Post this we help them with investor meeting and execution strategies are planned accordingly.

How many Startups get benefited from  Chatur Ideas? Can you please name a few?

We have helped more than 650+ startups in the span of just 3 years. We, at Chatur Ideas, have raised funds for startups like  Hubilo, Catapooolt, Strike, Orbit Marketplace (USA),  Maax Market, Marketpulse, Intuit Things, Cloudrino to name a few.

One single factor that distinguishes Chatur Ideas from others.

Chatur Ideas’ USP is we give customised service to each client and the value given is purely in terms of capability and efficiency of startups, which is directly proportional to current market demand and expectations on a realistic terms only.  We believe in Quality of Startups that are expected to receive well in different sector and we have expertise in it which is difficult to be replicated by our competitors.

What are the future plans of Chatur Ideas?

By next few years my aim is to spread across pan India and reach Tier II and Tier III cities. I want Chatur Ideas to reach even to remotest area, where through guidance we will get the best startups that our country can witness and develop the overall startup ecosystem in our country.

Do you think, there were a slow down of startups in 2017?

Yes, there was a slowdown because of insane valuation of e commerce sector, investors got little wary of their investment because the valuation were shooting up but there wasn’t an exit in those startups. In  year 2014 and 2015 India had seen lot of startup entering market on a fast pace but year 2016 and 2017 did not have any cash exit or any major merger happening. This is a phase where the bubble is not bursting but deflating continuously.

What do you think about the startups (domain wise) coming in 2018-19?

There is lot of new startups coming which will challenge technologically and innovation Domain at large. It will be a year for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics and cryptocurrency.

One thing about your team that motivates you to go to work every single day?

I understand the value of my team since majority of the time in my absence they are the face and work hard only to grow my company in every possible way which is a undeniable asset to Chatur ideas. Each team member has a varied capability and skill set which motivates me to guide them professionally on daily basis.

What is your success mantra?

I personally believe in quote by Biz StoneTiming, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”  I also believe time management as the most important aspect for anybody aiming to succeed as a entrepreneur or venturing a new startup altogether.

Would you like to give any advice to budding entrepreneurs who have an idea, but are afraid of starting up?

Entrepreneurship journey is just like swimming, it can’t be learnt by sitting at a shore rather it’s a call to dive in the ocean and face the challenge to survive. Young people should challenge and take risk because they have very less to lose but on other hand individuals being sole breadwinner should take only calculative risk measuring current circumstance. It is just a learning experience in case of failure and trying to better will only lead to success. Not trying is the biggest failure which should be avoided.

Please visit their website to get more ideas on their project and current activities.

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