Internet Of Things

In this latest technology-dependent world, different companies and startups are coming up with different ideas or forms to make our day to day life convenient, among all these one of the most in vogue or the one that is ruling is “Internet of things” abbreviated as IoT.

In basic concept, IoT can be defined as a system where companies or startups around the world are developing ideas where they are connecting the working principle of any simple thing with the internet. For example, smart, smart clocks, smart cars, smart keys etc.



This is a data-driven or internet dependent energy efficiency company who develops models that are machine oriented which helps in saving energy for large energy consuming commercials.

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Zenatrix is a Delhi based company founded by Amarjeet Singh, Rahul Bhalla, and Vishal Bansal in the year 2013. Among the investors of Zenatrix, there are pi Ventures and Blume Ventures. This start up’s one of the developed applications include Wattman that ensures a decrease in electricity consumption for various business chains or ATMs or milkbooths etc. According to Zenatrix “ Wattman is built over an end to end IoT stack, designed and developed in-house. Wattman automated manual operations and delivers operational energy efficiency to retail chains/banks through automated and intelligent controls”.

Wattman’s features consist of saving energy, monitoring quality and working of batteries and ups, giving updates of room temperature and a lot more.


It is an IoT startup working as a security system for our cars. Previously known as Carnot is renamed as CarSense. It is an easy user-friendly software app that monitors the working of parts inside a car, can track the position of any car with the help of GPS. It ensure’s our car’s safety, send alerts if any repair is needed in any part of the car and even track the quantity of car’s fuel.

This Mumbai based startup was founded by IITians Rohan Vadgaonkar, Urmil Shah, Pushkar Limaye and Prathamesh Joshi in 2015. Among the investors of this startup, there is Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon founders of Freecharge. Carsense has been a very profitable device due to the increment in the purchase of cars around the country due to which the product is now available in many online shopping sites like Amazon and Techatron.

Bharti Robotics system

It is an IoT start up whose forte is to manufacture fully robotic floor cleaning devices.

It is a Pune based company founded by Debashish Das in 2015. This company produces fully machine oriented robot floor cleaners that save labour in factories, airports, malls etc and the activity of the robots can be controlled through smartphones too.

Among the investors in this company, there is IIT Bombay, Intel India.


This is the first company established by Chris Rouland and Tom Noonan that came up with the idea of developing applications that will find and mitigate the risks associated with wireless and cellular devices jointly called as the Internet of Radios. The security system is developed for radio waves emitting devices like Wifi, wireless dongles and a lot more. According to Bastille their technology scans and finds the entire radio spectrum, identifying devices on frequencies between 60 MHz to 6 GHz. This data is then collected together and stored so that we can understand which device is transmitting data and from where. This provides advanced precautions for any sort of cyber threats or hacking

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