Radhika Geonka in The Lingerie Shop

Amid zillions of entrepreneur’s striving to bring a change in their nation, Radhika Goenka and her proficient team of 10 members is all set to revamp the state already with her eccentric yet phenomenal idea of inventing a lingerie vending machine in India beginning from Mumbai.

The heiress of Welspun Group at her age of 24 is yearning to alter the character of buying lingerie publicly through this recent discovery of hers which clearly aims at breaking stereotypes.

As a start- up for her brimming plan of installing lingerie vending machines across the state, Radhika has launched her very first venture “The Lingerie Shop” in Mumbai which is only a beautiful beginning of her innovative ideas. The store aims at providing a fabulous mix of comfortable and seductive lingerie, which is expected to cater the needs of every modern women. In addition to this, Radhika has already launched her first exclusive brand called “Be Mine” which is an all black line with 6 other exclusive categories lined up below it.

Appealing as it already seems, Radhika Goenka has been totally aiming at being a sexy entrepreneur with an exciting start-up. Her store is not only an incredible space with a broad concept but also desires to serve the elemental purpose of intimate wear in affordable prices. Ranging from ravishing bras and panties to beautifully alluring shape wears, this shop has got it all. The existing collection of the store is setting a living example for how well the store is about to do. This interesting store can also be visited online through their venture website at www.lingerieshop.com.

Hence, the idea of welcoming lingerie vending machines in India does not stand too far from here. The first vending machine is expected to be launched at a mall in Mumbai which will eventually spread all across the state and then the country. However, only a few variety of the product shall be made available here. Not only this, each machine will also have an assistant to attend to it’s customers. To settle situations a little, the lingerie provided by the vending machines will be sealed in an enclosed box for each buyer ensuring comfort for all. However, Radhika Goenka is making all efforts to advertise her start – up very peacefully and elegantly. Very intellectually, she also has put together the plan of her start-up in such a refined manner that her business is already doing incredibly with speed. Her concept of altering the mindset of the society is very evidently visible in her works. Therefore, her plan is expected to be braced by the Indian world around as humbly as possible. Radhika’s contents in all her recent interviews also speak of her undisturbed fantasy of creating this untapped space for humble labor. Her talent is utterly appreciated along with her sense of starting and managing her business setting undeniably efficient examples for the young masses around.

We wish her all the success for her radiating future and the ones she is constructing for the country.

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