Mr. Sopan Mate, Director of Chikmeat

Today we are in conversation with Mr. Sopan Mate, Director of Chikmeat. Chikmeat has turned into the new talk of the city as it is assembling praises and applauds from every corner. As the name itself explains what is it in context to, Chikmeat brings high-quality meat at an affordable price directly to you. Currently, it operates only in Pune but is soon planning to expand and present itself in all metro cities.

Q – Mr. Mate, Please brief us about Chikmeat?

A – Well, Chikmeat ( is our online meat delivery portal where you will find all kind of meat and seafood on a single platform. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all meat-eaters and provide our customers with the best options.

Q – What inspired you to come up with an idea like Chikmeat?

A – The idea of Chikmeat stuck us(immense food lovers and board of directors team of Chikmeat) a few years ago, and it actually initiated with a desperate attempt to find decent quality, hygienic meat in the market. A visit to the elusive local butcher shops and supermarkets here left us horrified. Somewhere we saw people would have no regard to maintain hygiene standard, quality or would not take efforts in gaining an overall knowledge of meat products. That’s when we thought there had to be a better way and we started Chikmeat. We wanted to create a convenient platform that would serve our customers with meat in varieties and that too in a hassle-free way, right on time with right packaging and the right temperature.

Q – What was your initial step to establish Chikmeat?

A – We started gathering information from reliable sources and worked at getting our operations in place. Post-finalization of all the plans and management flow we hired a strong team with the years of experience.

Q – How did you acquire your first customers, was it difficult?

A – At first, it was just family and friends but gradually it picked up the pace and now we have managed to assemble loyal customers across the city who reach us out very often, and we are experiencing a huge surge in our customer acquaintance day-by-day. Chikmeat is even being recognized as a fastest growing portal in Pune in the category of online meat-shop.

Q – What was the most challenging part of your journey and how did you come over it?

A – Apart from beginning the business, the challenges we faced were basic but huge, there was a big question about storage and transportation of meat. Right from the farms, to the factory where the process takes place and the time of delivery there was a lot to take care of, we are involved in the process directly so we can ensure the optimum quality. Another thing we focused was on packaging, therefore our meat comes in the best packaging. We also wanted to provide our clients with some services that are different but much needed, so we offer our clients specific parts of chicken and mutton such as mutton chops, mutton paya, chicken breasts and many more. We have successfully reached all the expectations.

Q – And finally, how would you say Chikmeat is different?

A – Apart from all the technicalities and quality-assured meat, I would say Chikmeat is different for the care we carry in our heart for our customers, the honesty and integrity we work with, and our immense desire to create amazing meat memories for our clients.

Thank you, for your time and input. We wish you greater success ahead.

Article Submitted by: Mr. Akshay Kant

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