15 most promising startups of 2017

15 Promising Startup of 2017

Year 2017 remains as an uphill period for start-up environment in India. In this year, there was a dip in the number of investments through funding. On the contrary, it was a different scenario in the early years, even though the idea seemed similar. Investors have begun focusing on startups that are unique and have […]

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20 Hottest Female Athletes of 2017

20 Hottest Female Athletes of 2017

It isn’t very tough to guess why so many great athletes are hot. Normally, when they are physically tone, they look much attractive. When pretty girls grow up, they prefer to choose acting, modeling or some other attractive careers than sports. It is very few who are gorgeous and choose athletics as a career. No doubt, when beautiful girls choose their career in sports, people take a notice. Here are those, we consider as hottest female athlete of 2017. 20. Blair O’Neal 19. Alex Morgan 18. Eugenie Bouchard 17. Maria Kirilenko Maria Stepanova (born 25 January 1987) is a Russian tennis player. She […]