Mobile Security for Android
Hi Security Lab launches, Hi VPN to protect Android users from KRACK
A newly discovered widespread vulnerability ” KRACK” affecting nearly everybody and everything that uses Wi-Fi was revealed, allowing hackers to
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Nutshell Wi-Fi
Convert your Wi-Fi into a Powerful Marketing Device
California based startup Nutshell WiFi; today announced a revolutionary WiFi Marketing product, Nutshell-Wifi. This is created for all range of
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Space Image
Now you can explore planets, moons in Google Maps
Stargazers are in for a regard as Google has reported that one would now be able to for all intents
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Google Map
No more getting stuck in traffic! Google Maps will now disclose to you best time to travel during the day
Google has discreetly revealed a component in its Maps for Android clients where they can see a chart on the
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BeOn Smart Security
Smart Security Homes-BeOn
Security is the most elevated need for our homes. Be that as it may, did you realize that lone 20%
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Urban Farming
Urban Farming for a sustainable future
Industrialization and urbanization in a society or a country, and constantly is endowed with new connotations with the development of
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Electric Car
Concentrate on electric autos could hand over occupations to China, EU auto providers caution
An obsession with electric autos dangers harming Europe’s auto supplies industry and giving employments to China, the locale’s auto parts
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Self Driven Boat
Self-driving boats: The Upcoming tech transportation race
Self-driving cars may not take off decisively for a long time – however self-governing water crafts could be simply around
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Pizza Delivery Car
Now get your Pizza without Pizza Delivery Boy
Starting today, some pizzas in Domino’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich., will get to a Ford Fusion equipped with radars
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